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Is Maslow's Hierarchy A Plagiarism On Chakras & Kundalini Yoga, Known About For Thousands of Years

Maslows Hierarchy Of Needs is A Plagiarism On Chakra Theory And Kundalini Yoga, Known About For Thousands Of Years

Maslow's Hierarchy of needs Psychology- Really a plagiarism of the psychological aspects of the 7 Chakra Processors? Is Maslow's Hierarchy of needs really a plagiarism or parallel confirming research of the psychological aspects of the 7 Chakras, known about in Kundalini Yoga for Thousands of Years.

Chakras are about the parallel processors of the mind. Only one of these processors is Intellectual. The rest comprise the emotions, the unconscious, the subconscious, the inner child and the id.

All todays fastest supercomputers use parallel processors gaining speed with the number of processors.

Base Chakra is Mooladhara Chakra

Abdominal Chakra is Swadisthan Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra is Manipur Chakra

Heart Chakra is Anahata Chakra

Throat Chakra is Visshudhi Chakra

Brow or Third Eye Chakra is Ajna Chakra

Crown Chakra is Sahasrara Chakra

The levels of evolution and their relationship to the parallel processors of the human brain, chakra, development and the ages at which they normally start working correctly, are used in the Montessori method of teaching yet the age of paradigm shift is simply the age at which another chakra gains functionality. Anyone can see that this follows the theory of chakra awakening of Kundalini Yoga known about for thousands of years.

Maslows Hierarchy of Needs says that as the lower desires are fed so higher desires can be achieved.

Sex , Safety and Food - base chakra

Belonging in relationships – second chakra

Power – solar plexus

Self Esteem – Heart Chakra

Self Actualisation – Crown Chakra

Anyone can see that this follows the theory of chakra awakening of Kundalini Yoga known about for thousands of years.

Chakras are like the processors in a super computer. The more they communicate, the more intelligent they are. So anything which stops that communication, like an energy blockage will decrease intelligence. The more each chakra functions, the more intelligent we are, therefore anything which stops that functionality, like an energy blockage, the less of our potential intelligence we are using.

Intelligence is not only the intellectual IQ.

Emotional Intelligence functions in different chakras from the intelligence chakra. And emotional intelligence is when there exists in a human being none of the negative emotions.

Negative emotions are, Anger, Depression, wanting attention, manicism and Fear but to these we could add, wanting to harm another, jealousy and selfish desire.

As the chakras becomes harmonized by losing their energy blockages then the negative emotions become controllable or just go.

Thus releasing the Power of Positive emotions like Love, Willpower and the Power of getting things done. These become the norm.

Kundalini Yoga works by giving advanced techniques to remove energy blockages and thus release the power of the human intellect and Positive Emotion. Of Love, Love under Will.

Read the psychology of, Wilber, Piaget and Berne, - Ponder on this and see the truth for yourself.

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